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Seamwork Ruth

January 31, 2019

Blush viscose dobby Ruth blouse

Earlier this week I made this Seamwork Ruth blouse. I used the softest, floatiest blush pink viscose dobby from Blackbird Fabrics, which has been waiting patiently in my stash for close to a year. I Frenched all of the seams (yes, even that gathered waist seam!) for a nice finish on the inside.

Blush viscose dobby Ruth blouse

Let’s talk about the fit! For reference, my measurements are 54″ bust, 49-52″ waist (depending on exactly where I measure, and whether I’m sitting or standing), and 59″ hip. I’m 5’5″ tall and wear a 44I bra. I made the size 26, which according the size chart corresponds to a 54″ bust, 47″ waist, and 58″ hip. I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern, but I was able to accommodate my larger waist size by simply moving the snaps to a more comfortable position. As a result, the waist darts don’t quite line up directly under the apex of my bust, but that’s something I can live with. I also added a snap where the fronts cross at the lapel so the neckline wouldn’t gape open.

Blush viscose dobby Ruth blouse

This blouse is the first project I’ve completed for the wardrobe I’ll be taking with me to Italy this summer, but it’s also exactly the kind of thing I want to be wearing as we head into February: soft, pink, and romantic. And how perfect does it look layered up with my Ishnana cardigan?!

Blush viscose dobby Ruth blouse

We made it through January, folks! Spring is on the horizon! Have you started planning (or making) for your spring sewing yet? Is the Ruth blouse on your list?

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  1. February 7, 2019 2:21 am

    Nice 3 piece outfit!

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