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Christmas time is here

December 10, 2016

Baking cookies

Christmas with a baby is so much fun!  It seems like we’ve done something festive almost every weekend for the past month.  We’ve had our tree up since mid-November.  Two weekends ago we were in Wichita, celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.  We visited my grandparents, watched a couple of cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies with my mom, and spent lots of quality time with my brother & his family.  Last weekend we took Cleo to our town’s old-fashioned Christmas horse parade, but of course she slept through the whole thing.  I was so excited for her to see her first horse, and Santa, but oh well.  Next year.  We had our first snow on Wednesday — it was so beautiful, and Cleo’s face lit up when she saw it!  That felt pretty special, and it made up for her lack of interest in the parade.

During the week, I’ve been busy getting everything ready for Christmas day.  Wrapping presents, planning the feast, mailing out Christmas cards, finishing up knitted gifts.  Everything is just about done, so this week I’ll be resting up for the busy week leading up to Christmas.  Well, “resting up” as much as Cleo will allow!  I think I’ve taken exactly one nap since she was born.

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