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Baby shower

June 19, 2016

Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby shower

Baby showerBaby shower

Baby shower

Baby shower

Yesterday my mom and sister-in-law hosted a baby shower for me at one of my favorite childhood parks in my hometown.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature took the “shower” theme a little too seriously, and we had quite the downpour!  Luckily we had already booked an enclosed shelter (with air conditioning!), and the storm didn’t stop any of my wonderful family from showing up to help us celebrate this beautiful baby girl I’m growing.

There wasn’t really a theme to the shower, just lots of pink!  My only requests were lots of food and no games that involved guessing my size or weight.  Otherwise, I told my mom and sister-in-law to go wild, plan whatever they liked.  We had a few games & activities; my favorite was having people draw pictures for each letter of the alphabet, to make an ABC book for the baby.  They all turned out so wonderful, and each is special to me for a different reason — from my 4-year old niece’s drawing of a teacup to my 81-year old grandmother’s drawing of a zebra.

Despite the rain, it was a beautiful shower.  Everyone was so unbelievably generous, it was overwhelming.  Clothes, toys, books, and so much more!  It’s a little bittersweet knowing that I won’t get to see most of my family again before Cleo is born, but the outpouring of love we received yesterday has bolstered me emotionally for the months ahead.  We’re so blessed to be bringing our daughter into such a wonderful family!

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