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Project: Home {part one}

May 18, 2014

Dining room wallpaper & wainscoting

Mama drying dishes

Longaberger recipe basket

Bathroom shelving

Bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom cabinet


Lord's Prayer

Plenty of Love platter



This weekend I went home for my niece’s second birthday.  At the party, I was the only one taking pictures with an actual camera.  Everyone else was using a cell phone.  It made me a little sad.  Smartphones take pretty good pictures for displaying on a screen, but not so great for printing.  And what happens to the record of the important events in your life when Facebook shuts down?  And besides those milestones, what are the little things you’d die to catch a glimpse of again, long after they’re gone?  Your dog’s crooked teeth?  Your mom doing something totally normal, like washing dishes?  The backdoor you passed through a hundred times on your way into and out of the pool?  All of this got me to thinking about trying to capture some of the mundane details of the house where I grew up.

Very little about this house has changed since my parents decorated it for the first time in the late ’70s/early ’80s (and they never changed anything in the kitchen except for the appliances, or the bathroom except for the wallpaper).

It’s been completely unconscious on my part, but elements of this house have snuck into my own home.  After all of the wallpaper we tore down when we bought this house, I knew that putting new wallpaper up was never going to be an option for us, so the vintage florals are more likely to show up in the fabrics I use to make a quilt.  My mom’s Longaberger collection has instilled in me an appreciation (maybe more like an obsession?) for nicely woven, honey-colored baskets.  Yellow was really the only color I even considered for my kitchen, because it just feels like home.  I know in my heart that someday we’ll paint the exterior of our house white for the exact same reason.

How surreal it will be someday when this house belongs to someone else.  Someone who will tear down the flowered paper, demolish the beautiful rosewood-colored wainscoting that my uncle built, or bust-up the deck that has given me so many splinters.  I can’t imagine this house without a yellow kitchen or a pink bathroom or the purple crayon scribbles on my mom’s bedroom wall.  I want to soak it all up while I still can, freeze time and bottle it up in a jar that I can stick on a shelf in the corner of my mind, saving it for later.


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  1. May 19, 2014 11:27 am

    What a beautiful post! My mother and step father sold the house I grew up in after I finished high school but I have similar feelings. I love a white house with a red door. And I am very fond of wallpaper too. I wish I had pictures of that house but I don’t think I do sadly. You did instill a panic in me about having our pictures printed. They are saved on the computer but it has been a long while since I had some printed. I will get right on that!

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