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Feathery Friends

May 15, 2014

Silver Maple tree



My neighborhood has been so alive with birds this spring!  Of course there are the ravens and robins, and the sweet little brown birds whose name I don’t know — but now we’ve got some lively bluejays and showy cardinals flitting about, too.  It’s so fun to see a brilliant flash of blue or red outside when I’m at the kitchen sink, washing dishes or scrubbing vegetables for dinner.  The bluejays have been building a nest in our silver maple tree, while this cardinal was being quite the flirt with a lady-bird on the power line last night!


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  1. May 16, 2014 3:57 am

    Great pictures! Birds are so fun to watch.

    • whitney marie permalink*
      May 16, 2014 9:59 am

      Thanks! I think I’m turning into a birdwatcher! 🙂 I kept wishing I could zoom in more with my camera, but my longest lens only goes to 200mm.

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